The Beginning!

Have you ever dreamed about sharing your ideas with the world? I have! This is what led me to start a blog. Since the time I was a little girl I have always known that I loved everything to do with design. From clothes and home decor to crafts and even baking.

So here it goes first blog post!!EEKKK.. I figured it would be fitting for my first blog post to tell you a little bit about myself and explain what I am going to be writing about.

A little bit about me. My name is Katie but usually go by Kate or Katie Jo. I just started my real estate career in August and before that I was a stay at home mom. I have three great children, Westin (7), Aurora (4), and Charlotte (1.5) I also am married to an amazing guy, Rob. My personal life is full of crying children, diaper changes, and endlessly cleaning up the same mess (sounds like the movie Ground Hogs day, huh?….ps. if you haven’t seen the movie rent it and you will understand). During my free time from being mom/referee I enjoy crafting, decorating, and day dreaming about a clean house!

My crafting obsession took off while in college where I majored in Crafts, concentrating in jewelry design and fibers. I still love occasionally designing a small piece of jewelry for a local craft shows but what I love to focus on is my fibers. I really wish I had a loom to sit and weave while the children slept. Weaving is one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. I do however, still work on some of my non-loom crafts. I will be introducing some of these in future blog posts! So enough about me for now as you will get to know me even better as this adventure of mine continues.

Onto what this blog will feature! I would love to do a DIY, travel, mom life, decor blog. I know it sounds like a ton of different subjects but isn’t that what life is. As a parent we are more than just a parent, we are a cook, a care taker, a financial advisor, a chief, a chauffeur, the list can go on and on. I will be doing DIY blog posts featuring easy DIY crafts some that are even kid friendly!

Expect the fun to begin within the next few days as I am already working on some fun Valentines Day crafts!